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7″ Bozo Finger Bop Bag

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Hey Kids! It’s the Original Bozo the Clown Bop Bag in a cute desk top size! Our mini, 7” tall inflatable Bozo is just like the classic bounce back bop bag without the squeeky nose. Made of durable vinyl with a sand filled base, you can bop Bozo’s target with your fingers and he bounces right back. Collect all of our Bozo Retro Circus Toys. A great party gift or business promotion!

The Original Bozo first appeared in 1946 in the first-ever read-along book, Bozo at the Circus. Bozo and his wide red hair was franchised as a local TV show in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our Bozo toys and Bop Bag were popular toys in the 1960’s.

Type: Mini Inflatable Clown Toy – Easy to Inflate with your mouth, Air not included