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efrutti Gummi Lunch Bag


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What are your feelings about miniature food? We know that the topic can be pretty divisive. But, around here, we’re proud to say that we’re big fans! After all, is there anything cuter than your favorite foods, made bite sized? We think there probably is not. And if you agree, then you’re in the right place. Our Gummi Lunch Bag is just what you need. 

An adorable and tasty treat, the Gummi Lunch Bag is your one stop, tiny gummi shop. Inside, you’ll find gummi french fries, hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza! Throw in a cooler and a picnic blanket and you’re all set for the greatest miniature gummy cookout there ever was. Or, you can always just eat them inside, like everyone else. These are ideal for anyone who loves their fast food almost as much as they love their gummies. And since this is one choice that tends to be a pretty big hit, be sure to get it while you can.