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Lucas – Bomvaso Sweet and Hot


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The best treat for your parties: Lucas Bomvaso! This enticing Mexican popular dessert presents a creamy tamarind candy that will melt inside your mouth with the first bite! It also hides a savory secret: delightful bubblegum inside! And that is not all; you will also find an amusing spoon that can be filled with the most delicious tamarind cream candy, just at the same time you try the bubblegum! 

For trying this luscious treat, you will need to cut the plastic around the recipient and then be sure to remove the lid. Once you open it, all the seasoned flavors of the tamarind candy will be released into the air, and they will travel through your senses, leaving a mild, warm sensation behind.

If you use your spoon, you will find a delicious yellow gumball mixed with the tamarind candy that you can chew over and over while mixing the gum’s fruited flavors with the delectable tamarind candy.