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Lucas – Salsagheti Swinkles Watermelon

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Lucas’ most amusing treat: Salsagheti! This enticing Mexican Candy combines the best of both worlds. A delicious mixture between the chewy watermelon candy and the moistened tamarind sauce that you can pour over the spaghetti-like candy. A whole new experience to live! 

The first thing you will see is a transparent package containing thin sweet watermelon candy strands, appealing to the eye. Underneath this delicious spaghetti-like Candy, you will find a mustard, tiny packet: Gusano Tamarind Sauce! It contains the most delightful, hot tamarindo flavored sauce you will ever try! 

The best part: you just pour the sweet, hot Gusano sauce over the delicious watermelon candy, moistening each one of the sweet, delectable strands. There, the flavor explosion begins! Alluring, warm essences will blend with the sweet tamarind liquid sauce and the watermelon candy’s chewy textures. A dance of textures and aromas that will make your mouth water in just one second!