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Magnetic Travel Games – Hangman


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Bring the classic game of hangman to the next generation. Pit your literacy skills against your deductive reasoning. One player comes up with a word or phrase, while the other player or players try guess what it could be. Players guess one letter at a time, but be careful, each time you guess a wrong letter, the player who knows the word or phrase will add another piece to the hangman. Once the character is complete, the game is over, and the guessing player(s) lose. However, if they guess the word before the character is complete, they win.

This portable magnetic variant include a collection of magnetic letters, blank pieces, and of course, pieces to assemble the hangman. The player with a word or phrase in mind can assemble the blank pieces on the board accordingly. As correct letters are guessed, replace the blank square with one of the letter pieces. When incorrect guesses occur, add one more piece to the hangman. Who will will in this magnetic travel game? Take turns coming up with, and guessing words.

– 5 1/2 inch travel game
– Magnetic hangman game
– Letter and blank tiles
– Hangman pieces