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Moonpie Coffee – Vanilla / 10 oz Ground Coffee


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MOONPIE flavored coffee… that classic chocolatey graham + marshmallow taste profile, timeless and proven in appeal, craved for generations.

Take a break with MOONPIE coffee, a smooth, flavorful and “out-of-this-world” coffee sure to conjure up a memory and a smile.

The original MoonPie was born out of a 1917 conversation between a Chattanooga Bakery salesman and an Appalachian coal miner who was looking for a tasty, filling snack that would fit in his lunch pail. Nicknamed “the working man’s lunch,” the MoonPie grew from a favorite to a Southern favorite to an American heritage brand that’s been featured in movies, country songs and happy family moments ever since. Nearly a million MoonPies are now made daily.